About Us

Welcome to Activo!

Activo was founded “by accident” in 2010 by Hansen Bay. Hansen was a former PE teacher and was managing a sport program company that provides simple fitness solutions for kids and senior citizens. These programs include the use of pedometers, skipping ropes and resistance bands. As the programs became more popular, so did the demand for these equipment. To cope with the demand and to enjoy economies of scale, he decided to import these equipment in bulk. Before long, his PE teacher friends encouraged him to extend the range of sport and PE equipment, and Activo was born!

Activo's first products

One of the persons that Hansen got to help out with the business was his dad, Uncle Bay. Besides being the warehouse supervisor, he also designed the company’s sports storage solutions. The first product was the Big B Shelving System which was a big hit with schools all over the island! Uncle Bay loves chatting with PE teachers during deliveries and is always gathering feedback and input from them. His designs are inspired by how he can help them better organize PE equipment.

Big B Shelving System

Currently, the team at Activo is headed by Brenda, a former teacher, and Fifi, a coach, assisted by Uncle Bay. The team still seeks advice from a panel of professionals, made up of PE teachers, coaches and athletes.

We enjoy sports and we love to support our fellow physical educators and coaches. We try to value add by sharing physical education activities and PE games whenever we come across a great one. If you have any feedback or requests, we love to hear from you!


Visit us at:

30 Loyang Way, Loyang Industrial Estate,

#03-19 Singapore 508769

Please drop us a text message or give us a ring at 9385 8991 before coming by!